Dovetail is empowering the financial sector to take financially and environmentally sustainable decisions.

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HIVED is disrupting the parcel delivery industry by providing emission-free and cost-competitive transport and logistics.

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OPTIML provides asset managers with detailed insights into the transition risk of buildings, enabling smart investment recommendations for significant carbon reduction.

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Sunhero deploys technology and infrastructure to accelerate the global transition to green energy.

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Paleo is cracking the taste and texture of alternative meat by developing cutting-edge substitute meat proteins.

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44.01 leverages the process of carbon mineralization by eliminating CO2 from the atmosphere and turning it into rock.

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Photo of the 44.01 founders.
Close up photo of mineralised CO2.
Product photo of the tracless material formed into forks.

traceless materials

traceless developed a novel generation of bio-circular and plastic-free materials, which are fully compostable in the environment.

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one • fıve

one • fıve redefines single-use plastics for packaging through innovative solutions based on paper and novel bioplastics.

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Photo of one.five technology.
Teamphoto of One5.
Photo of the Industrial plant module. Ineratec.


INERATEC provides modular chemical plants for Power-to-X and Gas-to-Liquid applications and supplies sustainable fuels.

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Makersite uses AI, data and apps to power sustainable product and supply chain decisions at scale.

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Portrait of Neil D Souza, Makersite.
Product photo of the WIldplastic Wildbag box on purple background.
Group photo of the the Wildplastic team members.


WILDPLASTIC recovers plastic from nature and brings it back into the production cycle by producing sustainable products.

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The Upright Project

Upright has developed the world’s first public impact data platform, measuring the net impact of companies and funds on the environment, health, knowledge and society.

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Group photo of the team members of the Upright Project.
Infographic of Apple net impact profile.
Cropped image of Dance bike.
Group photo of the Dance founder team.


Dance is an e-bike subscription service founded with the purpose of positively impacting health, sustainability and livable cities.

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Carbon Re

Carbon Re offer a SaaS solutions assisting hard-to-abate industries to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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Photo and illustration of a factory in daylight.
Group picture of the Carbon Re team.
Photo of the GA Drilling founders,
Image of the earth core structure.

GA Drilling

GA Drilling’s technology could give us access to a permanent supply of renewable heating and power by exploiting supercritical geothermal energy.

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goodcarbon’s investment and trading platform will accelerate the investment into high-end nature-based climate solutions and the trading of related carbon credits.

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Photo of a kelp forest from below, underwater.
Group photo of the Goodcarbon team.
Photo of a container ship in the harbor.


C1 is developing an ultra-efficient catalysis to mass-produce green methanol, enabling the shipping and chemical industry to save gigatons of CO2.

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The Landbanking Group

Landbanking allows both sellers and buyers of nature services such as carbon removal, water storage, soil regeneration, or biodiversity protection to open natural capital accounts, rewarding the conservation and regeneration of the natural resources.

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Dr. Sonja Stuchtey and Prof. Dr. Martin R. Stuchtey of The Landbanking Group.
Photo of the qingbao meng mountains.