Planet A - building the economy our planet needs

We support founders tackling the world's largest environmental problems.

the science is clear - we have to radically change the way we produce and consume to ensure the livelihood and prosperity of future generations
we need an economy within our planetary boundaries


We’re the first European VC with an in-house science team that calculates life cycle assessments to quantify the impact of a startup. Our scientists hold the power to veto investments if there is no significant positive and quantifiable impact.

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Product photo of traceless material shaped into forks.

traceless developed a novel generation of bio-circular and plastic-free materials, which are fully compostable in the environment.

Group photo of the team members of the Upright Project.
The Upright Project

Upright has developed the world's first public impact data platform, measuring the net impact of companies and funds on the environment, health, knowledge and society.

Photo of person holding up a bottle with Ineratec e-Fuel.

INERATEC develops, builds, and delivers chemical plants that produce e-fuels through through Gas-to-Liquid, Power-to-Liquid, and Power-to-Gas applications.

Photo of one.five technology.
one • fıve

one • fıve redefines single-use plastics for packaging with innovative solutions based on paper and novel bioplastics.

Image of a Laptop showing the work of Makersite.

Makersite uses AI, data and apps to power sustainable product and supply chain decisions at scale.

Product photo of full Wildbags stacked on top of each other.

WILDPLASTIC recovers plastic from nature and brings it back into the production cycle by creating sustainable products.

Photo of a person with a Dance bike.

Dance is an e-bike subscription service founded with the purpose of positively impacting health, sustainability and livable cities.

Photo of the 44.01 founders.

44.01 leverages the process of carbon mineralization to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere and turns it into rock.

Photo and illustration of a factory at night.

CarbonRe offers SaaS solutions assisting hard-to-abate industries to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Photo of people picking limes on a plantation.

goodcarbon's investment and trading platform will accelerate the investment into nature-based climate solutions and the trading of related carbon credits.

Photo of a Plasmabit.
GA Drilling

GA Drilling creates a permanent supply of renewable heating, cooling and power by exploiting ultra-deep geothermal energy.

Group photo of the C1 founding team.

C1 is developing an ultra-efficient catalysis to mass-produce green methanol — enabling the shipping and chemical industry to save gigatons of CO2.


We invest in European green tech start-ups that have a significant positive impact on the planet while building scalable businesses. The greater the impact, the greater the return – for our founders and the planet.

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Ready for investment?

Who are we looking for?

We invest in early-stage hardware and software companies across all sectors of the EU taxonomy:
- Agriculture
- Forestry & Food
- Construction & Real Estate
- Energy & Heat
- Manufacturing
- Transport & Mobility
- Water, Waste & Remediation

What are our investment criteria?

We look for scalable businesses with scalable impact, based in Europe or Israel. Your startup needs to have a quantifiable impact in one of the following four areas:
- Climate mitigation
- Waste prevention
- Resource efficiency
- Biodiversity protection

How much do we invest?

Typically we invest from Pre-Seed to Series A with initial tickets ranging from €0.5 to €4M, and we follow-up our investments as well. We can lead rounds but don’t have to do so.

What support do we offer beyond investing?

We don’t stop at investing. Through our network and Planet A platform team, you’ll gain powerful knowledge and hands-on support from industry experts, scientists, impact-driven investors, and other companies in the Planet A portfolio.

Planet A Ventures was founded by founders for founders. You can rely on a strong team of successful serial entrepreneurs, whose number one priority is to help you scale.

Diverse startups? Yes please!

We see it as our responsibility to contribute to a more diverse industry that provides capital to a more diverse set of founders. In reviewing companies for investment, the diversity of the founding teams is one of our assessment criteria. We also actively support our portfolio companies to be leaders in building diverse teams and inclusive cultures.

You can find more on our approach in Planet A's Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy.

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Pitch to us!

Above all, we’re looking for champions of change who are not afraid to disrupt an industry, are highly innovative, and help change entire industries. If you have the ambition to scale up and solve our planet’s most pressing problems, we look forward to meeting you!

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