Planet A - About Headline

Our core principles:
Tomorrows economy is based on today's investment decisions

Venture capital has the power to accelerate the transformation to a sustainable future. Planet A was born out of this belief. We exist to support bold and brave founders, who are the heroes driving our green transformation. When our founders profit, the planet profits too.

Make scientific impact investing the new normal

Our scientists and entrepreneurs collaborate closely to assess the ecological innovation potential of a startup. We strive to make this science-meets-business approach a standard in venture capital. To not just acknowledge the environmental impact of our economic decisions but make it the compass guiding those decisions. That is why we openly share our methods and results to inspire and support others to adopt a scientific approach.

Investing is just the start

Through our operational platform and extensive network, we help and mentor founders to develop their companies, with impact as the centric metric of success. For founders and their teams, the Planet A Platform is a source of expertise from successful entrepreneurs, proven scientific experts, and impact-driven investors. Once you’re part of the A-team, we’ll work side by side.

Photo of the Planet A Team. Black and white.