Revolutionizing delivery with smarter, greener logistics

The Problem

Global e-commerce has become a mainstay of our economy, with 24% of retail purchases expected to take place online by 2026. The UK alone sees over 4.2 billion parcels delivered per year. The majority of parcels, however, are sent via cost-uncompetitive, fossil fuel-powered delivery service incumbents. This often leads to delays, poor customer service experiences, and congested cities. Meanwhile, the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter of the last mile have been a consistent challenge. Plans to decarbonize by parcel carriers in the market have been slow to nonexistent, with little concern for where delivered products or their packaging end up. 

The Solution

HIVED offers the next generation of efficient delivery services and logistics, reducing costs and congestion while drastically reducing delivery time and lowering emissions. The London-based startup offers a vertically integrated end-to-end approach for parcel delivery, leasing a 100% electric vehicle fleet, employing their own drivers, and operating de-centralized sorting mini-hubs. They have additionally developed cutting-edge software technologies, including proprietary AI-powered last-mile routing software.

HIVED sees enormous opportunities in current inefficiencies across delivery, packaging, and returns. The team’s long-term vision is to make a seamless, convenient, and cost-efficient circular movement of goods the new normal by leveraging its smart logistics network.

Why we invested

The founders of HIVED have demonstrated incredible execution capabilities early in their journey. They are agile-minded, motivated, and adaptive founders on a mission to disrupt a slow-moving industry. 

HIVED is customer-obsessed which has led them to be consistently rated above its competitors for excellent customer service, while steadily growing revenue 30% month-over-month since inception. Their zero-emissions delivery system has proven to be highly scalable, having already attracted the attention of global brands, with plenty more partnerships on the horizon.


By taking over market shares of incumbent players, HIVED results in an immediate reduction in GHG emissions as well as tail-pipe emissions of other pollutants. The main impact of HIVED comes from displacing conventional parcel delivery vehicles. Improved routing will further reduce GHG emissions. Long-term, HIVED aims to leverage the density of its parcel delivery network to enable a truly circular economy, reducing the amount of single-use packaging and enabling re-use, rental, and second-hand models.

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