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Planet A is an investment fund partnering with European green tech start-ups that have a significant positive impact on our planet while building scalable businesses globally. Our mission is to contribute to an economy within the planetary boundaries. We support innovation in four key areas: climate mitigation, waste reduction, resource savings and biodiversity protection. First in the European VC world we offer scientific impact assessments to support our investment decisions and empower founders to manage and improve their impact. A wide network of experienced founders and experts support our portfolio companies. Investments include Traceless, Ineratec, C1, GoodCarbon and Makersite.

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Fridtjof Detzner, GP
Dr. Benedikt Buchspies
Christian Schad, GP
Helmut Söhler, Venture Partner
Lena Thiede, GP
Tobias Seikel, GP
Nick de la Forge, GP
Christoph Gras
Christoph Gras, GP

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